20 Alternatives to Adsense

    20 Alternatives to AdsenseAlternatives to Adsense? It is something that many want to know, especially when Google Adsense rejects you again and again.

    So if you are in this situation you stop reading this article and will know the best alternatives to Adsense.
    As we know Google Adsense is the best platform for online advertising, however are quite strict and usually new pages or blogs are not accepted by them.
    But do not fret, I’m bringing the 20 alternatives to Adsense to earn you money on your website.

    BuySellAds is one of the best alternatives to adsense that we can use to monetize our website or blog. It is very similar to adsense and you can earn even more money with them. The first thing to do is apply to an account of “publisher” and once approved you’re ready to start winning. Your page will be added to the directory BuySellAds and if any company wants to advertise on your page can purchase space for 30 days or several months. The price is fixed for advertising space. If you increase your traffic you can increase the price at which you sell your spaces and earn more.

    2. Media.net
    Yahoo Bing Network Contextual Ads aka media.net. You can also make money from your blog with media.net. This is a CPM (Cost Per Mile) pay per thousand impressions. As usual you must apply first and expect you to be approved. On reports will give you the RPM is automatically updated, to have a high RPM need quality traffic. If the ad space has 1000 imporesiones then you will have the corresponding RPM. If the RPM is $ 2 and you earn 5000 impressions then $ 10.

    3. Infolinks
    Infolinks used to monetize the texts. If you’re a blogger and write many articles, Infolinks is for you, only serves to text. After being approved and install the code on your blog, advertisements started to appear. Some words of your article will turn into some links related topic, and if any of your readers clicks get paid.

    4. PeerFly
    PeerFly can help you gain quite well with little traffic. It is totally different from the other companies mentioned above. This is a CPA (Cost Per Action) which means they pay if your readers clicking taken some action (purchase, sign up, give like, etc …) Once approved you can look at different affiliates and find some that fit your market. The gains are greater than those of any PPC if you manage to guide your readers to action.

    5. Chitika
    Chitika is quite popular, and one of the best alternatives to Adsense, works the same way. I used to use it but now I’m with Adsense only. Chitika has many types of advertising formats that Adsense has, also popups.

    Other Alternatives to Adsense
    6. Kontera: It works the same way as Adsense, has advertisements in the text, mobiles and traditional display. Paid from $ 50, Adsense pays from $ 100

    7. Clicksor: Advertisements in text, and Pop up display, minimum of $ 50 to withdraw your money.

    8. Bidvertiser: Excellent company, recommended, also used to use, minimum is $ 10 to withdraw your money, Paypa, bank transfer or Western Union.

    9. Qadabra: Pay from $ 1 Paypal and $ 500 for transfer are quite large in the market but I personally do not do well with them. The ads were not related to my content and was not interested in my audience. Probably work in another market / other public.

    10. Link Worth: It has many ad formats that fit your design. Paid every 30 days with a minimum of $ 25 and $ 100 Paypal transfer.

    11. PublicityClerks: Sell your ad space, functions as BuySellAds, you get paid when a company buys advertising space on your blog or website. Just pay through Paypal.

    12. MadAdsMedia: CPM, pay per 1000 impressions.

    13. AdSide: links in the text, Publicidades Mobiles, Videos and Pop-unders

    14. Vibrant Media: Good alternative to Adsense, minimum of $ 50 to withdraw, and do it every 45 days.

    15. Intellilinks: links in the text, only pay through Paypal.

    16. BlogAds: Sell your ad space, you can sell them for 30 days. You choose your price.

    17. Tribal Fusion: Perhaps the best of the CPM and a perfect alternative to adsense. Profits are high on this platform but membership is somewhat difficult. The minimum to withdraw is $ 100 as well as Adsense.

    18. Casale Media: Other CPM you pay for impressions, is a good alternative to adsense but only if you choose to accept pages with a lot of traffic. The minimum to withdraw is $ 25

    19. ShareASales: CPA, an affiliate network, pay you when your readers perform an action after entering the link.

    20. Exit Junction: Very good when you have a high bounce rate. See bounce rate.
    Your ad appears only when someone leaves your page.

    Know any other good alternative to Adsense?
    If you do not approve Adsense do not worry, try these alternatives to make money with your website or blog. Some of these pay less than other more Adsense, but more important is the traffic you have.

    How To Generate Free Traffic

    How To Generate Free TrafficAlready published your website, created quality items and you used the right keywords, but now how to generate free traffic to your website or blog?

    Making a website is one thing, make it known is another. Invest your energy and your only means creating the page is not a good bet: you have to provide time to promote your website.

    There are many accessible to all techniques that allow you to generate a substantial and related to the theme of your site traffic.

    There are 3 ways to access a web page, the first is directly typing the URL in the browser, the second is to use search engines and the third is through links.

    To get traffic you must focus on one or two of these entries (or all). In other words, you must communicate the address of your website as much as possible (in your offline advertising for example), optimize your ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc …) and disseminate the most of your links the web.

    communicate Online

    Web 2.0 is a territory of dialogue. forums, personal pages, blogs, pages that publish articles … There are so many places where you can share the URL of your page. Exchanging links is a technique commonly used form among webmasters. Bearing in mind that they have a page related to your target audience, so you ensure quality traffic.

    Also remember that viral marketing is not associated with large budgets. Think of integrating the “share” your page and your e-mails. The e-mailing allows you to communicate at zero cost and reach out to your target effectively.

    communicate offline

    It is important that you show the address of your website on all media with which you work. Therefore, the publication of your page can be accompanied or media relations campaign mails to your customers and suppliers.

    Indexing: the key.

    Be indexed in google is paramount, you have to send them your URL, for this comes to Google and type: indexing site on google, mandal your sitemap page if you have it.

    To appear in search results you have to respect certain rules, I have already spoken of keywords, and content are the foundation but it is also important that you consider as fabricaste pages. Flash pages do not work, search engines can not read them, dynamic pages.

    It is important for the search engines to put your keywords in both the url and title (H1) of your articles.

    Multiply links

    If you have not read the article on backlinks, backlinks read. To generate maximum traffic to your website, it is important to be referenced in the largest possible number of pages. Both search engines and yearbooks. But what I find essential is that post articles or comments on different pages known with good traffic and you point to your website, is for me the best way of letting you know, if you think, how you came to this page? And like you are reaching thousands of readers in the same way.

    If you control the field in this way, you will ensure good visibility and you will increase your popularity which will offer you free traffic. Search engines, Google based a part of their ranking on the links you have to your page.

    It is time to analyze the results.

    There are free tools like Google analytics that allow you to have an updated track your visits, both the country they come from as sex, age, how long they were on your page and how many pages looked. These statistics allow you to tailor your page to give you a better experience